Group Discussion Important Tips

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What are the skills required for Group Discussion?

Group Discussion Important Tips

TIP 1: Techniques to Initiate

Initiating a GD is a high profit or high loss strategy. When you initiate a GD, you not only grab the opportunity to speak, you also grab the attention of the examiner and other candidates.

If you can make a favorable first impression with your content and communication skills after you initiate a GD, it will help you sail through the discussion. But if you initiate a GD and stammer/ stutter/ quote wrong facts and figures, then it may spoil the things.

If you initiate a GD interestingly but don’t speak much after that, it gives the impression that you started the GD for the sake of starting it or getting those initial points. So initiate one only if you have in-depth knowledge about the topic at hand.

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TIP 2: Body of The Group Discussion

Different techniques to initiate a GD and make a good first impressions are:

2. Definition
3. Question
4. Facts, figures and statistics
5. General statement

1. Quotes – These can be an effective way of initiating a GD. We can use topic related quotes. The quotes can be related to topics about politics, social, technical, abstract, etc.
And the effective quotes related to topic can be an effective way of initiation.

2. Definition – If you get the meaning of topic or if you know about the topic then start a GD by defining the topic or an important term in the topic. One can use his/her own idea for defining topic.

3. Question – It does not signify asking a question to any of the candidates in a GD so as to hamper the flow. Any question should not hamper the flow of a GD or insult a participant. Asking a question is an impact way of starting a GD.
Questions that promote a flow of ideas are always appreciated.

4. Facts, figures and statistics – If you decide to initiate your GD with facts, figure and statistics then make sure to quote them accurately. Approximation is allowed in macro level figures, but micro level figures need to be correct and accurate. Stating wrong facts works to your disadvantage. And the most important thing to make approximations is to read newspapers, books, magazines which could help to more knowledge.

5. General Statement – Use a general statement to put the GD in proper perspective by finding out qualities, properties, views, etc.

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TIP 3: Summarizing or Concluding

A conclusion is where the whole group decides in favor or against the topic, but every GD is summarized. You can take the opportunity to summaries what the group has discussed in the GD in brief.

Follow the points in mind while summarizing a discussion :

* Avoid raising new points.

* Avoid stating only your viewpoint.

* Avoid stating only on one aspect of the GD.

* Keep it brief and simple.

* It must include all the important points that came out during the GD.

* Do not add anything once the GD has been summarized.


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